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Manganese Dioxide CAS 1313-13-9

Product Name: Manganese Dioxide
CAS Number: 1313-13-9
Molecular Formula: MnO2
MnO2 Molecular Mass: 86.94 g/mol
Melting Point: 535 °C (995 °F)
Appearance: Black or brownish-black powder

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Aluminum packages, carton box, wooden box, customized packaging

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Manganese Dioxide (MnO2) CAS 1313-13-9 Introduction

Manganese dioxide, known by its chemical formula MnO2, is a compound composed of manganese in its +4 oxidation state and occurs naturally as the mineral pyrolusite or synthesized industrially. Due to its versatile properties, it has many applications across various industries and applications.

Product Basic Parameter Information:

Product Name:Manganese dioxide
Synonyms:Manganese(IV) oxide,electrolytically precipitated,active;EINECS 215-202-6;MFCD00003463;dioxomanganese;Manganese(IV)oxide
CAS NO:1313-13-9
Molecular Formula:MnO2
MnO2 Molecular Mass:86.94
Melting point:535 °C (dec.) (lit.)
Appearance:Black powder
Storage:Store below +30°C.
Solubility:<0.001g/l insoluble

Manganese Dioxide Applications:

1. Batteries:

Manganese dioxide is an integral component of alkaline batteries. As the cathode material, it helps facilitate electrochemical reactions necessary for electricity generation while its structure allows efficient electron transfer.

2. Chemical Industry:

it is used as a catalyst in various chemical processes, such as producing sulfuric acid or oxidizing organic compounds. By providing a surface for chemical transformations, manganese dioxide facilitates chemical reactions.

3. Water Treatment:

It can be utilized as part of water treatment processes to remove impurities and contaminants from supplies of drinking water, making them safer and more suitable for consumption. Its ability to oxidize and adsorb certain materials such as iron and manganese helps provide safer drinking water sources.

4. Ceramics and Glass:

It can be used as a colorant in ceramics and glass manufacturing to add brown or black hues to their final products. Pottery production often incorporates this product to achieve certain aesthetic effects. Manganese dioxide pigment is widely used as a black or brown pigment for use in paints, inks and plastics applications due to its color stability and opaque nature. With these properties in mind, its color stability makes it an invaluable choice in this application.

5. Electronics:

Manganese dioxide’s electrical conductivity properties make it ideal for use in electronic components like resistors and capacitors, where its specific electrical characteristics may be beneficial. Combined with other materials it can create components with unique electrical characteristics.

6. Medicine:

Researchers are actively exploring the potential use of manganese dioxide nanoparticles in drug delivery systems, imaging techniques, and cancer treatments, although ongoing research and development efforts are still underway in these applications.

7. Pyrotechnics:

Fireworks and pyrotechnic compositions often utilize it to produce bright flashes and sparks upon ignition, thereby aiding the combustion process and allowing it to progress more rapidly than when using other substances alone.

8.Analytical Chemistry:

It is widely employed as an oxidizing agent in analytical chemistry, especially for the determination of organic and inorganic compounds.


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Powder and solid: Bulk powder is packaged in double-layer aluminium thin bag deodorant packaging, and small goods are packaged in plant extract animal food packaging bags.
Liquids and oils: Liquids are changed to general product names, sealed packaging, with blisters to prevent leakage.
We have standard packaging, and can also be customized according to your requirements.

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